Graduate Success

"I’m deflated, defeated and have nothing left to lose—why not try this?"

When Terry was asked how he learned about Restoration’s Program, he said his entry into the Program was the culmination of ten years of “crawling into a bottle after his parents died.” He felt he had lost everything he had—and he didn’t know what to do.

He mentioned that several folks had tried to get him straightened out. Terry said that although he believed in God, knew He existed and that He lived within him, he didn’t want to hear it. While in that seemingly hopeless condition, his sister found him in the County Park in Mahomet. “I was upset with her when she found me; I had messed up my relationship with my son and had ‘been into it with her husband’-- but she never gave up on me. In fact, she has been my rock to this day!” Terry says.

Several folks had tried to reach him before this time. After this encounter with his sister at the park, a Mahomet pastor who regularly led devotions at R.U.M. came into his situation. That pastor sought me out at my sister’s house—and told me about R.U.M., describing it as “a wonderful place where he felt I would fit right in”. The pastor inquired about an opening there, but he learned that at that time, there were no openings. However, about three days later, the Housing Coordinator called, saying if I could be there by 10:00 that morning, I could enter the Program. At the time, I was thinking, “I’m deflated, defeated and have nothing left to lose—why not try this?”

When asked about the parts of the Program that helped him the most, Terry’s response was immediate. He said the devotions were a favorite; in addition, he liked the discipleship class and the financial class. After a few moments, he affirmed, “There were none that I didn’t like!” In addition, he said he attended the addiction recovery group three days a week.

He commented that the Program Director acknowledged a truth he (Terry) found to be true while he lived at RUM: “You may not believe in Jesus, but you’re certainly going to bump into Him while you’re here.” Terry said the best decision of his life was when, eleven years ago, he surrendered his life at the altar and he has never looked back! He asserts that decision resulted in deliverance from his addiction and the lifting of many other issues that had weighed him down.

Terry contrasted his life before completing the Program at R.U.M. with how it is now: He and his son have restored a bond that now includes his special 14-month old granddaughter and his beautiful daughter-in-law. In addition, the staff at R.U.M. have become like family to him. “Without question,” Terry says, “this place has turned my life around. Today, I have money in the bank, I have a job, and I have a new car!” Recalling a time when he was fretting while driving, he saw a billboard that reminded him of his blessings and brightened his life. Terry concludes, “I am able to find a blessing in nearly everything I see or do.”

When asked how he would counsel one who was questioning whether or not to commit to the Program at R.U.M., Terry reiterated the conclusion he had earlier reached for himself: “I’m deflated, defeated and have nothing left to lose—why not try this?”

[Currently, Terry serves as the Client Accommodations Manager at R.U.M. He is passionately committed to helping new clients experience the joy and freedom that results from completion of the Program; his life story is a witness to that, as well.]