Pastor Ervin T Williams

Ervin has been married to Mailyn Williams for 40 years and they have 5 boys, 13 grandchildren and 3 great – grandchildren.

Ervin is a former Oklahoma City Firefighter.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity and has been in ministry for 33 years.  At God’s direction Restoration Urban Ministries was started in 1993.  Restoration has international ministries and has held crusades in 4 countries.  He has planted 4 churches besides the one at 1213 Parkland Court in Champaign.

Ervin and his wife were foster parents for years and had over 25 children in their home during that time.  He taught foster parenting and adoption classes as Parkland College and some of their sons are adopted.  He loves spending time at home with his family.