Catholic Heart Workcamp

Christian youth put forth the Agape love of Christ with hard work!

Catholic Heart Workcamp

As in years past, we were blessed to have the volunteers from the Catholic Heart Workcamp come to Restoration Urban Ministries from June 13 through June 16th.

This year's group was comprised of 6 teams for most of the week with a 7th team joining for the final day. The teams are made up of 5 teens and an adult volunteer. This year the teens we hosted were from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Texas. Overall, we logged around 600 volunteer hours with this group. It would have taken much more than a year to get so much work completed here at Restoration Urban Ministries.

The projects included the removal and cleaning of the heating/AC units in all of the resident rooms, painting the entire sanctuary, carpeting the hallway in the sanctuary, landscaping, and redecorating of the nursery walls. What these young people were able to complete in 4 days was unbelievable.

Catholic Heart Workcamp started in 1993 in Florida with 100 participants from 3 churches. It is now an international organization and has had as many as 13,000 teens volunteering in a single summer. The local sponsor at St Thomas More High School started in 2008. That staff works June and July and this year they are moving from Champaign to the Carolinas. A huge Thank You to the staff and volunteers from all of us at Restoration Urban Ministries.