Program Requirements


  • Restoration is a drug-free and alcohol-free facility. Residents are randomly tested to ensure sobriety.
  • Participants in the Transitional Housing Program are required to attend 230 hours of self-sufficiency classes and workshops.
  • Participants are required to attend daily devotions and weekend church services.
  • Participants meet weekly with their Case Manager.
  • Participants are required to work three hours per day on property. Work hours are assigned by the Work Hour Coordinator. (Once working off-property, participants are still required to work 15 hours per week, but those hours will be arranged around their schedule.)
  • Participants enrolled in the Recovery Program are required to regularly attend substance abuse recovery meetings.
  • Other requirements may be deemed necessary upon acceptance into the Transitional Housing and Recovery Programs.
  • All program requirements are detailed in the Resident Handbook which each participant receives upon acceptance into the program.