Transitional Housing

Restoration’s transitional housing program is helping to lead people to independent and self-sufficient lives through the love of Jesus Christ. People of all walks to life come to us for the educational, spiritual, and emotional opportunities they need to get back on their feet.housing

While providing participants with temporary shelter, food, and child care, we also provide them with 11 months of self sufficiency courses, job training and counseling, substance recovery groups and counseling from licensed counselors. Each participant is paired with a spiritual mentor, is required to attend morning devotions and a weekend church service, and is encouraged to participate in weekly Bible studies.

Our programs give residents the opportunity to learn that they are just as capable as anyone else of living a full and complete life, having within them the God-given abilities that the Lord has instilled in all of us.

Restoration is a drug-free and alcohol-free facility. Residents are randomly tested to ensure sobriety. Substance abuse recovery and support group meetings are held regularly on site.

Transitional Housing Eligibility & Application