Mini-Homes Project


Restoration Church

Mission: To provide affordable housing and the opportunity to own their own home, for whosoever will come.


  • Transform those affected by poverty into contributing members of society
  • Obtain favor and land from the city of Champaign
  • Provide start-up fund of $25,000 through Restoration Urban Ministries
  • Achieve support and funding from private donors to continue the project
  • Build a community of these homes in the near future (in partnership with One Main Development)
  • Create jobs for the community—decreasing the unemployment rate in Champaign County
  • Stimulate the economy in Champaign-Urbana

Mini Homes Distinctives

  • Several floor plans suitable for singles or couple with one child
  • Extensive screening process
  • Case management to assist participants in retaining employment and learning basic home maintenance
  • Instill confidence in participants and a sense pride in homeownership
  • Impart sense of community in homeowners
  • Affordable cost of Mini Home—$27,000 +
  • Downpayment Plus Program
  • Low monthly mortgage payments—$350–$400 per month

Who’s involved?

  • Mayor of Champaign
  • Assistant City Manager
  • Champaign City Council
  • BLDD Architects
  • Restoration Church
  • SCNO, University of Illinois Students
  • Community Residents

Download the 2017 Mini Home Flier

Restoration Urban Ministries Ervin Williams, Executive Director 1213 Parkland Court, Champaign, IL 61821 | Phone: 217-355-2662